Exhibition goals

The purpose of the holding the Glass and related industries exhibition is that support the development of this 
Industry and implementing a plan forward in glass industry by study the condition of this subject in the our country and compare it with other countries which are leading in this area. 
Since, glass industry is one of most e high beneficial industry in the world. this exhibition tries to improve  Glasss industry  according to future researches and have macro goals and strategies for achieving to this view of point . 
Iran glass industry Top position in surrounding nations, National and regional networking, Domestic and foreign investment, Transfer and development of technology and commercialization In information and technology are other perspectives of holding this exhibition in our country . 
Producing glass in all countries in the word is one the important industries. So according to the wide range of  glass usage in daily life and due to  Assign a decent percentage of the community to this area it is so necessary that we exhibiting in this context more than before . 

The holding of the international glass and related industries industry can be a link between merchants, Experts and craftsmen and researchers in Glass industry in iran and other countries . 
Cover of this exhibition not only is for showing the goods and Do business negotiations around them but also Various information in this field would exchanged about : Competitive prices globally, The latest qualitative standards, Scientific achievements and economic ideas. 
Creating this Favorable area  for doing industrial and economical meeting among the beasties cause Cooperation and understanding between them which is another philosophy of holding this exhibition as far as this exhibition could be one of the most effective tools for Expansion and deepening of economic , commercial and industrial relations in middle east . Manifesting is one of the significant terms in Accelerate attainment of long terms  goals and it could Influence on new markets and also finding new Business Partners. 

How ever, Avaye Movafaghe Iranian industry Company aim hold  Glass and industrial Exhibitions well as expending foreign trading  and New Business Contracts for new Export and domestic markets according with new business partners

Indeed , public and professional  awareness  about our modern technologies and new technics in global level could upgrade Quantitative and qualitative levels of products as well as it could familiarize various countries with our Features and talents in producing that considered as an  motivate for  us on  the Glass and related industries  exhibiting.

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